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West District Household Registration Office organization


The organization includes Director、Secretary、Chief、Officer、Junior Officer、Clerk and Associate Clerk.


 Job Description:


 Secretary:Assist Management

 Administration  Section:
Execute human affairs,accounting,cashier,file management,information,
doorplate,name  alterations,production roster of election, production roster of school children,Household  bulletin and statistics,file send and
receive,fees, acquire(loss) nationality,citizen digital certificate,computer 
room management,etc.

 Registration Section:
Execute household registrations,issue documents,etc.

 Data  Section:
Issue citizen’s ID card , household registry management, data check,
Japanese Colonial census transcript storage,
Birth(Death) circulate information,(cancel) report loss ID card,
Kins folk relation record, assist search relatives and friends,
Roster and application forms management,etc.

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